Do you still own time-share or club point time-share?

First of all, from my own experience, flexible points time-share is definitely more easy to use than a set week in a certain resort. Unless naturally you do not like range and you want to return every year at the same time, then that will work for you.

Another thing to think about is that not all clubs are developed equivalent. I have great deals of points in The Holiday Club, South Africa, and exactly what I enjoy about them is that you don't pay any reservation fees, only an annual levy and the rest is free. This holds true even when they reserve you in through RCI or any of their other affiliates. That is also a significant benefit above traditional time-share a luxury travel blog .

Availability can be an issue, and I think, is the single most grumbled about problem in the market, specifically for last-minute bookings and also at unique event times.

A significant demand to all of you who own conventional weeks in these resorts - Please space-bank them to make it available to other guests! Even if you don't want to use the points you get in return, it's such a waste for those units standing empty when there are many individuals attempting to get in.

I can naturally only encourage on Holiday Club and RCI, as that is what I know best, however the basic idea must work similarly well on all clubs

This is my guidance on availability - strategy your year beforehand and book ahead for special journeys. If you can't discover exactly what you are searching for, place your name on the waiting list, I have had the ability to enter that method almost always, provided you have adequate time.

I have actually observed with our points, that school holidays are really often not offered out and last-minute deals can be had for very few points, even over Easter and Christmas. My personal sensation is that the typical points required for those times are so high, that the members don't use it, and then they have to discover visitors at the last minute to fill the spaces.

Mid-weeks use much less points than weekends, and are generally more offered. Within 2 weeks of the time, whatever is readily available, will get discounted approximately 50 % and sometimes even less. A great concept for last-minute vacation, but there are no warranties.

A senior couple pals of mine, own only an extremely restricted quantity of points, however they use it in such a method that they extend optimum out of it. They would book a mid-week out of season, in one of Mpumalanga's resorts, remain in Pretoriuskop Rest camp (National Parks Board) for the weekend, and take up another mid-week after that in another resort. In that way they have almost 2 weeks' worth of vacation with points that might not pay for a complete week elsewhere.

Truly, as you can see from above, I believe that holiday points are outstanding for spur of the moment vacations when you can be versatile and head out of season.

Then, obviously, there is the concern of paying levies, like any normal time-share or owning a property outright, some money has to be readily available for upkeep and upgrading. I need to just keep in mind here that most of these resorts are kept in ideal condition.

A terrific idea for comprising a few of your levy payments, is to lease a week or weekend, as we finish with events like Comrades in KZN and the Argus race in Cape Town.

I am sitting on the terrace of our charming device in La Montagne, Ballito on the 7th floor, watching the great view from up here, writing this post (charming office views this week). Sunday is Comrades 2015, and my hubby is running as well, which is why we are here at this time. We have actually also booked 3 devices in Umdloti, which we have actually sold to fellow runners.

I asked at the reception about normal leasing in this complex (La Montagne) and nearly passed out at the response. The price for two people per night is R1 700 from season and R2 800 in season. We have made use of 11 points for an 8 night stay, equaling about R1 400 of our yearly levies for the points - less than 10 %. So, duh! More than 90 % cost savings this week alone, definitely much cheaper, even with paying levies!

My top 3 preferred resorts (all RCI resorts) are Ngwenya Lodge, on the South border of Kruger Park, Kiara Lodge, next to Golden Gate Highlands Park, Crystal Springs, High up in the mountains near Pilgrim's Rest, Mpumalanga. If and when you do own some points, be sure to examine them out! These are excellent show case locations of exactly what our stunning nation needs to offer.

There are, naturally, many seaside resorts also if the beach is exactly what you are searching for.

Far this year, we have actually also been to Table View Cabanas and Royal Atlantic in Sea Point, Cape Town for the Argus cycle race. This, I hope, does show that you can discover accommodation even in full-packed weeks due to sporting occasions, if you do it right.

For overseas travel, I still like to opt for Home Exchange, as discussed in my blog site, for the factors noted, in addition to the fact that it is also much cheaper than the International booking charge, because it's complimentary! We are using our points regularly, specifically since my other half is an active marathon runner and cyclist. This works well for all of his out-of-town adventures and other break-aways. I will absolutely advise it as another method to travel at discount rate!

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